Spring is sprung!

Insomnia (or perhaps too much wine on an empty stomach)  has ensured that I am up before the dawn chorus this hence time to write! Despite a slightly fuzzy head, I feel incredibly optimistic this morning and am putting it down to the change of seasons. March 1st being St.David’s Day is always accompanied by a profusion of daffodils, which are a sign that Spring is about to saunter around the corner at any moment.

Last night was spent at a “Jamie at home” party hosted by a work colleague. Said colleague is actually a Pampered Chef rep but was helping  out a friend who was running her first Jamie at Home party in front of strangers …….and you don’t get much stranger than me! (And as I continue to say sustainable businesses are built on partnership and collaboration, so why not make friends with the competition.) Anyway lots of lovely stuff for anyone with good taste and lots of spare cash, which is not me these days! Very clever marketing though as the wares were all the equipment that he uses in his latest “Jamie’s 30 minute meals” TV series and book. Which reminds me I own the book but don’t have it in my possession….must chase that up as I haven’t yet started to experiment.

On the way home from work I also was compelled to call in at my favourite LYS (local yarn store) “Littlehoundaleknits” for some retail therapy.  Despite it being 6 o’clock in the evening I was welcomed in to Kath’s home and subjected to a private viewing of all manner of new and fabulous products, which were still being unpacked.  An hour later, even though my intention was only to “pop in”, I came away inspired and now need to find excuses to knit with all the yarn in the Mirasol range! One of the advantages of purchasing through “Littlehoundaleknits” (and there are many) is that Kath will ‘lay away’ yarn for 3 months and let her customers buy it on a “pay as you go” system, which is a fantastic way of being able to afford beautiful fibre on a budget and makes it so much more accessible to everyone. This and Kath’s commitment to customer service reminds me of how wool shops used to be and I really believe is the key to a successful business.

In honour of Fairtrade Fortnight I have forced myself to buy a Mafana bag and despite being incredibly jealous of Tigerjill’s version, I resisted and selected a huge stash bag instead. I have a feeling it won’t be the last one that I own.



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  1. Rachel Heale

    Wow, I LOVE the bag you got!! x

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