The things we do for love

I acknowledge that I am a very lucky girl! Today I watched while “Him Indoors” came outdoors on a very sunny day to build my Mother’s Day present – a 1×1 metre raised bed.  When I asked for one I innocently thought I could throw it up and fill it with soil and away we go………it seems not. This job was one of monumental proportions involving digging up the turf, leveling the ground, laying down 5 bags of gravel as well as building the timber frame and filling it with 3 bags of topsoil. But it does look good and I am a very happy lady! 🙂
Mothers day present
I am a lucky lady

I cannot wait until I can start planting!  I have high hopes for this year’s harvest from our little garden. Watch this space! Quite literally!

Meanwhile I pottered in the garden and had some spare time, so cast on my own labour of love for a friend’s birthday.  I cast on a “toe up sock” on my new Addi-turbo 2.5mm circular needles, which I love! I am using some beautiful yarn that I bought on my last trip to Leeds at Baa Ram Ewe. It is from the Natural Dye Studio and is a skein of Dazzle, which is 100% Blue-faced Leicester yarn.  This is in the “Atlantic” colour-way, which is shades of dark blue, greens and some pink. It is beautiful to knit with and feels fabulous when knitted up.
Natural Dye Studio

I have continued on the “toe up” theme using previously mentioned “An Easier Heel” pattern, but have added some ribbing throughout to make the sock slightly more challenging. (Knit 3 Purl 1 rib for interest) and I have surprised myself how quickly this knits up compared to my first sock.

I loved it so much that I went on-line to research the company and discovered I had already signed up for their “Yarn of the Month” club! I have yet to receive my first parcel but am now waiting for it with bated breath, as you can imagine!


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