Easter Parade – 24th April 2011

Today is Easter Sunday and we are spending it in rural Lincolnshire with family, so the little ‘un and me got to spend quite a lot of time together in the garden. The weather was fabulous and Mini-me was on top form. I worked on my wedding project while she downloaded tracks on my I-phone. It struck me that the only music I recognised was from a little known band called Parade and that was only because they were one of the supporting bands at the Alexandra Burke concert we went to at Bridlington Spa. She thinks her Mum needs to get more with it. I my defence I didn’t get to see a live band until I was in my 20’s, so I do consider kids these days to be much more privileged in that regard.

My wedding project is a wrap designed by Debbie Bliss (Spring/Summer 2009 magazine). I am knitting it in Rowan Bamboo tape, which is discontinued and therefore bought for a song on E-bay.

The wrap is mainly garter stitch with the pleated edge. It will knit up pretty quickly although you will notice that (if you look too closely)  I have made many mistakes on the pleating. This is mainly because I have learnt that I can’t count and chat!!! I chose to do it in the Bamboo tape as all the reviews I have read on the yarn state that it stretches a lot and people wearing tops knitted in it have been left with gapping cleavages. I felt that I wrap that stretches will actually be a good thing, so knowing my luck it won’t! The wedding it not until the end of June so I have quite a long deadline on this WIP for once.:-)

Talking of deadlines, I have completed a project in time for it’s deadline. (Technically there is no specific deadline – it just depends on which of my friends has the first boy!) A baby jumper knitted with Milla Mia yarn (purchased from my LYS). The colourways are midnight and fawn, which I think look good together. The pattern is from “The Close Knit Gang” book, which I love and wish I had been able to get 11 years ago when I had the time and a baby of my own on the way! Anyway I am quite pleased with this as it is only my second completed baby project and a total improvement on my first! I am particulary proud of the mattress stitch seams, which I learnt at my knit and natter, although I do need to some practice on setting in sleeves.

While enjoying the garden we were subjected to Lizzie’s discomfort while Pops was required to “clean up after her”. I think her face says it all!

I must also make a special mention for Mum’s excellent cooking and show off her fabulous Easter Cake! Yummy!


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