Royal Wedding April 29th 2011

Today is another national holiday in the UK to celebrate the Royal Wedding. That is the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton. The British public haven’t appeared to have been as excited about this prospect as with previous Royal events, however on the day I think it is fair to say that much enthusiasm was shown.
For myself I did not turn on the television until 10am when I went into the kitchen to prepare food for the planned Garden Party. It was at that very moment they were showing William and Harry setting off for Westminster Abbey. I filled up then and pretty much blubbed all day after that! It was a lovely service and really moving and I was glad to have been able to see this moment in history.

Our celebrations consisted of joining friends with children at a Garden Party. Everyone made a dish to contribute and I made Pimms to celebrate.

left- Sausage rolls – traditional buffet fayre

below: my homage to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

My knitting for the day was supposed to be socks, which I planned to do in some hand dyed yarn from the “Knitting Goddess”, but I missed the postman so it didn’t arrive in time. This is one of the sites I found when I went in search of “sock clubs”.  I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of my favourites is “TheKnitGirllls”, which is strictly speaking a videocast. Laura & Lesley are always talking about sock or yarn clubs that they have in America and I was curious to see if anyone in the UK offered the service. The Knitting Goddess is one of the many I found. While I was there I also ordered some of her hand dyed sock yarn, which I will collect from the Post Office after the holidays. Watch this space!

So instead I worked on the Wedding Wrap and  finished my “Travelling Welly Socks” . Yay!


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