Take That & Party!

As any of my Twitter “followers” and Facebook “Friends” will know, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Take That’s Progress Tour on Friday 27th May. It was the first night of the tour at the Stadium of Light so it was even more exciting.
Tickets had been like gold dust for the tour so I felt very privileged to be among
the first 55,000 people to attend. I cannot claim any credit for securing a
ticket, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when someone
dropped out of a friends group. In fact, when I was offered it I accepted
without question – not even “How much?” or “Where?” or even “When is it for?”

I have long been a fan. I have also had a soft spot for Gary Barlow, particularly when he was more portly. (Some may call be a “chubby chaser” even!)  I remember with fondness when Robbie got to be lead on their version of the Barry Mani low classic “Could it be magic”. In fact to this day I still smile when I hear it and sometimes even do a little happy dance. When Robbie went solo I followed with interest and bought his new stuff religiously. In fact I even bought an “American only” released album “The Ego has landed” despite the fact it had little new stuff on it. I was also very sad when it appeared that Robbie was losing his way and was jubilant to see the “boys” reform and have such success. So the thought of getting a “2 or the price of 1 deal” on this tour was particularly appealing.

The other fact I had failed to realise was that the supporting band was “The Pet
Shop Boys”! Huge when I was growing up, massive stars with mega hits, so
imagine my surprise when they appeared on stage and were barley given a second glance by most of the audience. In fact, one of the “twenty somethings” in my party struggled to know who they were at all until Neil Tennant belted out one or two of his more recognisable tracks!

Anyway, I was thrilled when the boys arrived. First, the surviving 4 performed and then Robbie appeared alone – both doing their “old stuff”. Robbie of course did “Angels” which when sung by 55,000 people sounds AMAZING! Throughout both performances everybody was up and dancing and the atmosphere was fantastic.

They all then came out together, supported by the most fabulous stage set I
have ever seen, which comprised of an Antony Gormley-esque statue which
proceeds to change position throughout the performance. Anyway, I won’t go on
but as you might have gathered I loved it.

Being in Sunderland also conveniently placed me on my old patch so allowed me the chance to see old friends. Conveniently, I have close friends who live within walking distance to the Stadium of Light, so their sofa also became my residence for the weekend. I had a lovely time catching up, being waited on, knitting and taking future knitting orders! I think I will be gift knitting for a life time!

Unfortunately, I had to leave one of my pressing projects at home as it is “secret birthday knitting” for one of the people I was visiting. But I got chance instead to
work on my new travelling sock project, which is being done in “Green Eggs and
Ham” from The Knitting Goddess. I love this yarn and the colours are fabulous.
I think these socks will be staying with me though.

I bought it as a proportion of the profits are going to “Marie Curie Cancer Care”.  This yarn came in the parcel with my “Royal Blues”, which was the yarn to commemorate the Royal Wedding.

On the subject of fundraising, I have also signed up to sell tickets for the Marie Curie Summer Raffles, which I only found out about because they have a Facebook page and were asking for help. I thought this was a brilliant way to gain new supporters and a very easy way to get more tickets out there! My target is to sell 200 tickets at £1 each, but I
am doing it through work, so should have an advantage! However, they are
looking for people to sell what they can and every £20 raised pays for another
hour of valuable nursing care. Last year, Marie Curie Cancer Care
nurses provided more than 26,000 hours of care to people with cancer and other terminal illnesses in East Yorkshire alone. This year the charity needs to raise £410,000 to fund the local Nursing Service this year.


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