Reasons to be cheerful

It has stopped raining on the Wolds! Don’t get me
wrong I am not complaining about rain because we really need it. The farmers are getting worried about the lack of it and come to that so are the gardeners, but it’s half term here and there is nothing worse than trying to occupy children all day long when they just want to be out!

Payday has arrived! Not that it will last very long before it seeps through our fingers again. But I have to say there is something lovely about seeing those reassuring figures in the credit column of the bank statement. It also reminds me to be grateful, especially in the current economic climate.

June’s Birthday Sock club has arrived from The Knitting Goddess. Named “Alexandrite” , in shades of pretty pink. It is lovely.

Knitting Goddess Sock Club

The cats are finally staying away from the raised beds, so I might be able to raise some crops now. The radishes certainly look unaffected by the trauma of being used as a public convenience.

Someone I know has had a baby girl finally! So I can now lovingly gift the dusky pink Jacket with moss stitch bands. (or Mucky Pink as it was referred to by a customer in “BAA RAM EWE”.)

I have finished something knitwise! I can’t post a picture yet though as it is “secret birthday knitting”. Watch this space.


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