I love a toe-up

Socks! I love them. I carry one with me where ever I go – on the bus, on the train, at the doctors, in the pub! But I have to say I do prefer them toe-up! I don’t know why but I feel as if I am doing the boring bit first and then I love the “sprint” to the finish, which is, of course, the ribbing.

I love Judy’s Magic Cast-on and her surprisingly stretchy bind off. Up until now I have not followed a pattern other than Helena Bristow’s An Easier Heel , which has to be said is the best $2 I have ever spent!

However, I am now ready for a new challenge in the toe-up socks stakes, so have purchased Toe up Two at a Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I am having a bash at ” The Keep” socks, which are knitted in Jawolle Magic Superwash by Lang. Both the book and the yarn were purchased at Poppy’s in York. I love the process of doing 2 at a time on one needle, but not sure yet whether I love this yarn.

Of course my apparant dislike for this commercial yarn could be because I am finding more and more “indie dyers” whose stuff I absolutely love.

I have waxed lyrical before about the Knitting Goddess and the lovely stuff produced by the Natural Dye Studio. I recently took part in a sock club run by Brownberry Yarns and received a skein of lovely yarn from Krafty Koala.

Moulin Rouge by Krafty Koala

It was a film sock club hence the “Moulin Rouge” reference. I don’t like the film but love this yarn. I think it is too nice for socks so will be saving it for something more worthy. It also came with these lovely stitch markers.

For more information on the Film Sock club and others that woollybutterfly is running, check out her website Brownberry Yarns.


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