Staycation 2011

This week has been a holiday week for me, which actually means a week at home with child. I love being at home and don’t mind saying that if circumstances were different I would love to be a stay-at-home Mum. Unfortunately for us that is an economic impossibility so I work – fulltime….have I mentioned that before?

Inevitably that means that a week off usually involved all those jobs that I don’t get chance to do during the normal working week. Monday was spent home alone chasing various delivery men, chasing for loads of admin and paying bills. It is amazing how long these things take.

Tuesday then meant running errands combined with an unsatisfactory girly lunch with my daughter. We ended a day of errands and shopping with a visit to Mr Moos Ice Cream Parlour in Skipsea, which was lovely. The day had been so hot and sticky that the cool breeze  in the patio area was worth the drive. However, an ice cream sundae and 2 spoons wasn’t that much of a chore either:

Wednesday was an at home day. Sometimes it is nice for children to be allowed to just play without external intervention. There was an added benefit that this also gave me time to knit!

I have signed up to take part in the Westknits Mystery KAL. I have have mentioned that I am using Old Maiden Aunt yarn and love the vibrant colours she produces. This weeks clue was short, very short in fact!

It may be small but I do like it and am excited to see how the design comes together.  Typically the next clue is likely to massive when I don’t have much time to knit!

Thursday was our planned day at the beach and guess what? It rained heavily! So instead we had to spend the afternoon at Leisure World, which the kids loved of course! From a value for money point of view you cannot fault the place. The girls were in the pool for 4 hours for the inexpensive entry fee. My only complaint was that half of Yorkshire were there too! 🙂

On the way home we popped into Park Rose Village as I wanted to check out the newly opened facilities at the Play Barn. They were closed as it was very late in the afternoon, but one of the owners James Horsley saw us looking through the window and opened up to let us take a look. The girls were impressed with the straw bale maze and the zip wire. The outside area looks great for younger children and an excellent place for them to play while parents mooch around the other facilities. The Bird of Prey centre is also open and always worth a visit and James tells me they also have Meercats…Simple but fun entertainment!

We did get to visit a beach but there was no sunbathing! Fraisthorpe beach was empty save for a few dog walkers but also great for a quick walk in the evening.

On a final note we did get to see the stunning memorial to 158 Squadron at Lissett, which always gives me goosebumps and worth a slight detour to visit.


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