Sunday, sunday!

Final day of my week off has been spent with family in Lincolnshire. This has meant lots of time to knit, so another finished project off the needles.

This is a “Bobbie” cardigan from the Colourscape folk by Sarah Hatton. I knitted it in Noro Kureyon. This picture does show it unblocked but I have decided that I don’t like it! Mum however loves it and has therefore scored herself an early birthday present. Certainly better than a box of chocolates anyway!

I have started a new project using Manos de Uruguay Silk Blend. (I won’t be discussing where I bought it as I won’t be going back to the store and they don’t have an online presence anyway.) I am knitting the “Forest Canopy Shawl” by Susan Lawrence. The pattern is aimed at people who are learning to knit lace but calls for a doubleknit weight yarn to make it easier on the beginner. I am interested to see how this turns out.

We have been invited to a wedding in a couple of weeks and it is an aspiration to get the shawl finished by then but not a necessity.  On that subject the invitations to that wedding were fab and from this Etsy store.

The most amazing wedding invitations from byRachelJeans etsy store

One advantage of visiting the parents is Mum’s Sunday Lunch. This week she triumphed and served up the most delicious roast beef and yorkshire pudding. I did bring the locally produced  joint of silverside with me from Yorkshire, which I picked up from the Farmers Market before we left. Manor Farm Beef is highly recommended for the fabulous beef they produce. Chris and Charlotte will deliver locally and their steaks are brilliant for the record!


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  1. pip

    The manos silk blend looks lovely… it should make a beautiful shawl 🙂

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