My excuse and I am sticking to it.

I haven’t blogged for weeks. There is a reason……..kind of.

My last blog was on August 7th. The next day the UK witnessed the beginning of the most shocking breakdown of civil society that we have seen for years. Riots started in London and spread across the country to a number of other major cities. The effect that this had on me was palpable. However, for a number of reasons I can’t and won’t publicly discuss it or state my opinion and therefore couldn’t bring myself to blog. Also this blog is about creativity and things that make me happy and I didn’t want that mood to sully the blog. So I stopped.

I didn’t, however, want the events to go unmarked so I am going to steal other people’s words. Hoxton Handmade publishes a blog, which I enjoy very much and I felt that she summed things up succinctly on her “Electric Sheep” podcast.  I was also impressed with Russell Brand’s article in the Guardian and as I am not a huge fan of his, that is high praise indeed.

So in summary, I am saying nothing but I like what they said.


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