Catch up

Now I have broken my blogging duck I can catch up with all things beautiful and creative.

Currently there is nothing more beautiful,  in my opinion, than the handspun and handpainted yarn of  “Old Maiden Aunt”.  Lilleth is based in West Kilbride, Scotland and produces the most amazing colourways from her studio. It also helps that she is the nicest, most helpful woman and this comes over in her customer service.

It is because of Lilleth that I became wrapped up in the madness of my Knitalong (KAL) to knit Stephen West’s Mystery Shawl pattern “Earth and Sky”.  After a very small first clue the following weekly clues for this shawl were huge! And I, in my usual compulsive way, got greedy and went for the large option, which meant I ran out of yarn. Lilleth was amazing though and died some and posted it out to me so quickly that I still had time to finish in time to participate in the prize draw she had organised on Ravelry. I didn’t win but really enjoyed taking part and didn’t get my usual “performance anxiety” when having to finish to deadlines. Finished pics of the shawl are on my Ravelry page.

My experience of this KAL has meant that I want to take part in more KAL’s and want to knit more shawls!

On the subject of shawls progress on the Forest Canopy shawl has been slow but steady. I am enjoying this shawl as I can put it down and pick it up easily. It is currently residing beside my bed in my favourite Dr Who large project bag from Nics Knots Folksy shop.

Large Dr Who Project bag from Nics Knots

The shawl is in Manos del Uraguay Silk & Merino. I had palnned to have it finished for a wedding at the end of August, however a change in weather and therefore wardrobe removed the need for urgency, so it isn’t finished.

The other madness that I have involved myself in is the current trend of knitting hexipuffs for the BeeKeepers Quilt by Tinyowlknits. This is a long term project – very long term. In fact 10 years. I figure if I start now I might have it finished as a memory throw for my DD to take to University.

My plan in the meantime to to fill some of them with lavender and use them to keep moths away from my precious stash!

I got so carried away with the madness that I even have a project bag especially for hexipuffs.

The big is made by Picperfect and has been really popular. In fact I don’t even know how I got lucky because there is a waiting list for her stuff!  Her Etsy shop is worth a visit.

There is more but I think it needs to be spread out or I will run out of steam again!

Autumn has well and truely arrived in this little piece of East Yorkshire but we still get beautiful sights.

Bridlington Southside

But I am secretly looking forward to long winters evenings so I can crack on with my projects! At the end of October I will be celebrating my 1 year knitting anniversary!

Here’s to a safe but snowy winter! 😉


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