Back on form

January has been an odd month for me. I somehow haven’t managed to find the energy to grasp the New Year with any enthusiasm. Therefore my usual good habits have slipped and one of those was my blog. So with February looming I am going to address this and have a word with myself.

Part of my problem lies with my knitting. I have too many projects on the needles and many of them have deadlines. This has the opposite effect on me than it should. Instead of embracing the deadlines and finishing up project after project, I end up moving from project to project without giving any of them any love, so they make no progress. Then deadlines loom and gifts of love become a sort of punishment, which is definitely not what should happen! Take Christmas for example, I worked hard to complete some hand knitted gifts for some very special people, who I knew would love and treasure them. I completed them on time but because I had fallen out of love with the concept by the time they were finished, I forgot to post them! They are still languishing in the “post basket” leaving their recipients feeling disappointed and forlorn.

So I am committing to finishing during February. I intend to “finish it or frog it” over the next 5 weeks. I resolve to stop stressing over projects that are languishing in their project bags because they are unloved or have become too difficult! I want to celebrate every week with one less project in the “to do” list, even if that means it was ripped out and returned to stash!

There I have said it so it will happen!

To start I will share some recently completed items.

The Zebra Scarf which was published in Debbie Bliss Magazine Winter 2010.

This project was simple to knit and the end result was really effective. The process however was in reality just yards of garter stitch – dull! However, the recipient loved it and even took it into nursery to “show and tell”. She came home with orders from envious friends! (Ha as if! I calculated that the hours invested in this scarf made it more expensive than gold lol! ) But for some mindless TV knitting on a cold winters evening, I would recommend it.


My very recently completed project is a baby blanket knitted designed by Kate Heppell. It needs blocking because at the moment it is about the size of a man’s handkerchief! But pics will follow soon.

My favourite and most satisfying FO to date has been a very cute baby hat called Tubey. The hat is one of many in “Wee Woolly Toppers” by Woolley Wormhead. I love her designs and if you have never knitted a hat you should really give it a try because it is really satisfying especially for wee heads. The yarn I used was by Fyberspates (who is another favourite!) It is Scrumptious, which is a blend of silk and merino and was utterly gorgeous to knit.


So confession over. Must get back to it and finish up some more WIPs.

Happy Weekend all.


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