Christmas is finally over!

Tomorrow is known as Candlemas in the Christian Calendar. February 2 falls midway between the winter solstice and the springequinox and in many traditions is considered the beginning of spring.

For me it is going to represent the official sign that Christmas is over and to get back into my stride from a health point of view. So time to kick the bad food habits and get back in training! If am going to find the enthusiasm to be motivated once more…..really I will!

I also want to take part in “A Month of Letters”. What a lovely idea it is!. For the month of February you must communicate with someone on paper in writing. (And I don’t think they mean with the gas company or by sending eBay parcels!) So I intend to challenge myself to send something by post every day. I didn’t discover the website until late on the 1st of February, so couldn’t start then. However, I did dispatch three parcels to friends the day before so I think that counts!

No knitting has been completed today. Well I can’t have an FO every day can I? Besides I have been enjoying the chance of a social life while DD has been away on a trip. As much as I don’t mind, not all of my friends appreciate me knitting in public, so to save their blushes I do draw the line somewhere!

But in other woolly news  I am excited to hear that Littlehoundales Knits, my favourite local (and online) yarn shop (does that make it LOYS!) has started stocking Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Even though some people might get sniffy about it being a “commercial yarn”, I love it and currently have a lovely jumper on the needles using it. The colourways are so vibrant and it is a joy to knit with.

This pattern was from November’s Simply Knitting magazine. This was my first attempt at colourwork and I have to confess to loving it. However, I have come unstuck trying to finish the neckline, which you would think would be simpler wouldn’t you! So currently this is in the “needs assistance” pile until I meet a friend next week who can sort it out!

I also found the most gorgeous Injabulo buttons for it from Baa Ram Ewe. Aren’t they adorable?


They are pottery and produced by women in South Africa.  Not cheap but the ethics help to take the sting out of the tail for me.

So Saturday is Farmers Market day at Driffield Showground and Kath from LittlehoundalesKnits will be there with her gorgeous stall.

I, as always, will be following and dribbling probably!


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