Shawl Love

Today I have can report another FO!

In August I cast on a shawl in a beautifil yarn from Manos Del Uraguay. The pattern was called Forest Canopy by Susan Lawrence. It attracted me because it was aimed at the beginner shawl knitter and used a yarn that is slightly thicker then sock yarn and much easier to learn with than lace weight. I have worked on this project on and off since August, but have not concentrated on it for long periods of time. But as part of “finish or frog February” I had vowed to get it finished.

As a beginner I am always in awe of other people’s finished shawls. It was just such “shawl envy” that spurred me on to finish this one.

Undercover Owl who I follow on Twitter recently completed her Pumpkin Patch Shawl  by Anna Richardson and I loved it! So I needed to get this finished or I can’t justify giving it a go!

The yarn for my Forest Canopy is Manos Silk Blend in colourway 9039. This yarn is fairtrade and I love the fact I know it was produced by Leticia in Fraile Muerto because it is written on the label! I can’t share with you where I bought it because the shop is no longer there but even if it were I wouldn’t recommend it!  However if you wanted to get your hands on some I notice that Pip at The Sock Yarn Shop has starting stocking it and she is always nice to her customers!

The other project I need to complete now is Karise by Karina Westermann. This was supposed to be done as a Knit-Along (KAL) in the Old Maiden Aunt Forum on Ravelry but overwhelmed with Christmas knitting as I was, it offered an excuse not to do it. Now I must cease the day and crack on with it!


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