Put a sock in it.

To begin I just need to reflect on my major achievement this week. Excuse me if you have heard it before but it is finished and blocked and beautiful!


Experienced shawl knitters beware. There are mistakes that may offend your experienced eye!

I am now addicted and have 2 more shawls on the needles which I am more motivated to finish.

Although I am supposed to “finishing or frogging” this month, I have to confess to having purchased some yarn and cast-on a new project. I picked up some yarn last Saturday at the Driffield Farmers Market.  The Farmers Market is held on the first Saturday of the month and has the advantage of being “indoors”. I use the term indoors loosely as I wouldn’t want to suggest it was in any luxury but it is in a large shed with electricty! There is always a good selction of local food producers but it also has a large following of craft producers too, including Littlehoundales Knits, the best little wool shop on the Wolds.

The yarn is Louisa Harding Grace Hand-dyed and the colourway is shade 26, which is blue and teal. I have promised these to my duaghter as she has pointed out I have been knitting for lots of other people. The mitts are from the “Three Graces” pattern book and were surprisingly easy to do and look very effective.  I can see these going somewhere other than a teenagers school bag!

This week was Knit n Natter at Littlehoundales Farm. This event takes place every second Saturday at the Farm and is becoming very popular. It helps that Kath is an experienced knitter of many years and very patient, because her services as trouble shooter are always in demand!

This weeks project seemed to be socks, as she has been knitting a sock and posting progress on her Facebook page to help new sock knitters. She also has sock kits for the first time sock knitters, as well as an ever growing selection of sock yarn. I throughly recommend a sock especially as a portable project.

I have made progress on mine this week as I have been opting for the train as the weather has been a bit cool here in East Yorkshire!

I could do with some more train journeys as I need to finish the  vanilla socks that I have on the needles, in my own hand dye, as they are supposed to be a Valentines Day present! Ooops!

I have purchased a new sock pattern this week. The “No More Tears” sock has been designed by Erin Walsh of the “Mommy Needs Yarn” videocast. The pattern is raising funds for Autism Speaks and I am always a sucker for a charity pattern!


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  1. Thank you for the lovely write up about Little Houndales Knits ! I wasn’t expecting to be reading such nice words when I clicked your put a sock in it link 🙂

    Your shawl is amazing, you must be so pleased – you’ve out done me – I must do a shawl now!

    I love your grace gloves, the colour is fab, I’m seriously thinking of using it to do the plain version of the striped top I’ve just done in grace.

    Come on….get those valentines socks finished, you can do it !

    Kath. x x

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