Finishing Friday #2

Another triumphant FO this week. My Dinosaur sweater is done. The pattern is from Simply Knit magazine November 2011.

Simply Knitting November 2011

I am really pleased with the results, especially the colours. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and I really do love working with it.

This sweater represented a lot of firsts for me. The first time I have attempted colour work and reading a graph. Both of which are easier that you might think. It is also my first jumper and I did struggle to understand how the neck work. There are mistakes and people may be able to spot them, but for me it was a great learning experience and I will definitely do it again!

This is one is on it’s way  to a very dear friend, whom I know will appreciate it. I just hope the recipient isn’t too big to wear it now.

Did I Mention the buttons? So cute!

I have to confess though that the neck opening is done up with push studs and the buttons are stitched on top. It appears that I still can’t master buttonholes! Any suggestions on how I exorcise this ghost are welcome!


1 Comment

  1. I love those buttons. They are so adorable.
    Why don’t we find them in animal crackers…? I am just wondering…

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