March Malabrigo Madness

I am officially in love! With a sock yarn! Yes it has come to this. I am declaring my undying love for a sock yarn.Malabrigo sock to be exact.

I have been listening to podcasts from America for a couple of years and have been envious of the yarn they call “Malabrigo”. It is available in the UK but not widely and it is priced as a premium yarn, but perfectly deserved in my opionion.So I openly admit I am a sucker for anything Malabrigo.

So I was very excited to discover they had a stall at the Craft & Stitch International Trade Fair. It was nearing the end of the day when we finally got to their stall and I was only going to ogle and stroke the lovely yarn it wasn’t a priority on our itinerary. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed with what greeted me.  The choice of yarns and the colourways were overwhelming to be honest! I spent a while chatting to Marco while Kath pursued the yarn. I wasn’t expecting us to put in an order as it is always a risk to take on yet another range especially a premium one like this. However, she also fell in love and placed a small order of “Sock” and “Silky Merino”; both will be perfect for shawls, so I was very happy as this is my current craze!

One of the colourways we chose was “Lettuce”, which is famous and I am embarrassed to say I almost squealed with delight when Kath picked it. It is a beautiful colour. I explained that I had exactly the right project for the yarn and had plans for the completed object. (I cannot share them here as they are secret.)

As we were leaving I was given a skein of lettuce and was told to start my shawl. I have always done as I was told.

I have cast on the “Forest Canopy” shawl by Susan Lawrence again. This time the results are very different. The stitch definition is amazing and the yarn, being “sock” has an amount of nylon in it and therefore has a little give without having a harsh twist. I am loving it in this yarn.

Because I am loving it so much I have also decided to retrieve another ball of Malagrigo Sock from stash. This colour is “Ravelry Red” and I have had it for a while now because I was waited for the right project  I think I have found it. The project I have chosen is a shawl called “Little Valentine” and it is a free pattern on Ravelry. .(This color it is definitely a winter colour and is for next winter.)

This pattern is slightly more complicated as it was originally written in German and the instructions are only charted, so I don’t recommend it for anyone who feels they can’t read charts. I should point out that charts aren’t that difficult once you get your head around them. I learned by reading Ysolda Teague’s patterns, namely “Whimsical Little Knits” & “Little Red in the City”. She explains her charts so well in these books it is easy for a learner to grasp how they work.

On the subject of Ravelry, I must just congratulate them on hitting 2 million members this weekend. Way to go! Who says that knitting is a dying art? If you haven’t yet discovered Ravelry then make it your mission as you are missing out. It is THE most amazing online community for knitters and crocheters – free to join and a massive source of information and support for all.



  1. I too am truly hooked on Malabrigo……..I have quite a bit more coming than from my original order at when looking at the shade card I was smitten and HAD to order more 😉 I can’t wait, it feels like Christmas!

    • I hope it is as lovely as we remember when it turns up!

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