Finishing Friday ……..jetlagged

This week’s Finishing Friday is very delayed. The actual finishing got done on Saturday due to a slight delay caused by travelling. (Easyjet still don’t allow knitting on board. Knitting needles are still listed under the “Lethal Weapons” section. Also even I haven’t mastered knitting while being driven over the moors on the M62 in the dark!)

However, I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed the “Valentine Socks”. These are knitted in my own hand dyed yarn. The actual undyed yarn was purchased at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitch Show and was comparatively inexpensive. This, I have to say, shows. The actual pattern is my favourite “An Easier Heel” by Helena Bristow. I added a K3P1 rib to include some negative ease.

The reason for the delay in posting the blog was 3 days away in beautiful Copenhagen. The opportunity to see this lovely city was extremely timely as I am currently a little obsessed with all things Danish. My local yarn shop, Littlehoundales Knits, has recently started stocking Hjertegarn Lima, which is 100% Peruvian wool from a Danish company. Along with the extremely competitively priced yarn, they are giving a free jumper pattern, based on “The Killing” jumper which Sarah Lund sports in the series.

While in the city I was impressed to see the Danish men sporting the famous “Faroese” jumpers and cables sweaters “at the office”.  I wish it was a look that would catch on here in the UK!


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