Queenie Amanda rocks.

I have been in a Yarn Club (on and off) for about a year now. The Yarn Club is question is the Natural Dye Studio. For those that aren’t familiar with a yarn club, it basically where you sign up to receive a “surprise” yarn on a (usually) monthly basis. All clubs are slightly different but in general you will receive an exclusive yarn or colourway and often an “extra”. In the case of Natural Dye Studio the appeal for me is the yarn alone as Amanda dyes her yarn as ethically as possible using only natural dyes and the results are lovely.

This month I received this

Spyder silk 4 ply in Jade. It is beautiful. Unfortunately for me this months “surprise” was a sample of tea, which fits in with the theme of ancient Civilisations. Unfortunately for me because it smelled faintly of tea! I don’t like tea. I like gin. I can’t wait to knit it though. I just need to find exactly the right project.

My favourite yarn that NDS produce though is Dazzle. It’s 100% Bluefaced leicester and is beautiful for socks. I knitted socks for a close friend for her birthday last year and even as a non-knitter she knew they were special.

I also have this in Dazzling 4 ply, which is 55% bluefaced leicester and 45% silk. It is yummy.

And this one!

Can you tell I am a fan?

I am always envious of indie dyers, who I perceive to be really lucky to be doing what they love all day long. However, usually the decision to “go it alone” is not a choice but thrust upon them. The NDS story is no different. Amanda has been blogging about their story recently and it is a tale of love and loss in many ways. Anyway, NDS are on the move and will shortly be moving to Devon, based on the Alta Lyn Alpaca Farm. They are on the brink of really exciting times and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t come across NDS to watch this space as I can feel that great things will come from this match made in heaven.

So I wish Queenie Amanda and Homer the very best of British!


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