Colour me beautiful

I have cast on another project in the queue. This one has a slightly pressing deadline as it is for a friend’s son’s 1st birthday and I have been nervous about starting it because I had assumed it would be a difficult one.

How wrong I was! I cast on Friday evening and by bedtime had gotten this far.

By lunch time the next day it had grown to this.

And by Sunday evening it became this and I even managed to get it blocked before bedtime. I have to also point out that I even made up some of the pattern myself because colour work is easy! Who knew!

I would have gotten more done if I hadn’t had to down tools to go and collect a greenhouse!

The pattern is “Filip Tank Top” from the Millamia book “Wonderland”. I only picked it because I have lots of balls of Milla Mia soft merino that I got reduced. They had been on display in Littlehoundales “Knit salon” (also known The Sun Room) and Kath claimed they were faded. I didn’t think they were but I wasn’t about to talk her out of a bargain. As this pattern needed 9 colours as well as the main colour for the ribbing and collar, I figure it was a lot of balls to buy. However, the yarn is so lovely and the pattern books are so beautiful I am more than happy to have extra in my stash.
Millamia is owned by two sisters, who have let their Swedish origins influence their designs. The patterns are modern and funky, while still being practical. Their yarn is 100% merino and so soft. The colourways are bright, vibrant and have great names, such as grass, daisy, forest and midnight. They have 3 pattern books available and a fourth is due any day. In addition, they sell single patterns now, which is a massive help to anyone on a budget.
Their yarn is not the cheapest on the market. That being said it competes well with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and Sublime, but it can’t compete with the lower priced baby wools that are available. And why should it the quality of the product is far superior as is the customer service should you ever need to use it.
There is a school of thought that says that one shouldn’t spend a lot of money on yarn for baby clothes. Giving a new Mother a hand knitted item that needs washing with care is both unfair and selfish and that cheaper yarn fairs better in the washing machine. This is where I begin to disagree with some of my fellow knitters.

Firstly I don’t think that £6 a 50g ball is too expensive for a quality yarn (unless you need to buy 10 balls at a time of course) and I believe that if you are going to spend hours creating something beautiful you should have a material that you enjoy working with. I also believe that new Mums can buy utilitarian clothes inexpensively anywhere and that a matinee jacket made out of acrylic can be obtained any time if that’s what they want. A hand knitted gift is a gift of love and should be treated as such.

I should point out that, in my experience, Millamia handles the washing machine well and I have yet to hear about any garments that have fallen fowl of constant washing, except of course the jumper that I gave as a gift and the sleeve fell off. But that wasn’t the yarn, I am not very good at finishing yet!
I feel like I am justifying knitting this pattern! I am not. I am loving it and although it looks like it has taken hours and has been masses of work, it hasn’t. Colourwork for me knits up really quickly and reading colourwork charts isn’t as scary as you would think. Maybe because it appeals to my short attention span and the regularly changing pattern keeps me entertained!
I have cast on the front of the tank and hope to have time to finish this by the weekend. I have other projects to be getting on with but this is has been so absorbing that I can’t put it down.

PS I should perhaps mention that LittlehoundalesKnits is currently selling Millamia for £4.20 per ball and is the most reasonably priced source for this yarn that I know.I don’t know how long they will be able to keep it at this price as I know the suppliers have had to increase their prices more than once in recent months. And they are offering “wonderland” for £10 with any purchase of yarn. Just saying!

I might do a deal on some mini skeins too 😉


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  1. Lovely post and even more lovely colourwork!!!

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