When is a bargain not a bargain?

……when it’s a discontinued yarn.

I went against my own advice and bought some yarn cheaply. Not only did I buy some for myself but I bought my Mum some too. It turns out that there is a reason it was cheap. Because it is discontinued. And why was it discontinued? One can only assume that others like me have a have the same reaction to it, because it is awful to knit with and I suspect the finished object won’t be too nice either.

The yarn in question claims that it is “Albero” from Louisa Harding. My experience with Louisa Hardings yarns has been nothing but positive, so I didn’t think I was taking too much of a risk with this.

But I am not sure that I am loving this yarn. It appears to be 3 strands of yarn which are very loosely twisted together. The texture of the yarn is odd, as it feels a little scratchy and as if it is coated in something artificial. According to the label it is 50% cotton and 50% lenpur (Lenpur is a cultivated wood fibre similer to viscose, so in theory the yarn should be lovely, light and breathable for the summer) and recommends a 4.5mm (US 7) needle.

Nevertheless I bought 20 balls so I will knit it into something. I had originally planned to knit Cria from Little Red in the City, but I didn’t think this yarn would be suitable. So I have cast on the “Creature Comforts Cardi” by Madeline Tosh. I have just completed one and half inches of 2 x 2 ribbing and with 198 stitches on the needles, it was a mamouth task.

In the eighteen months that I have been knitting I have developed a taste for fine yarn and I really believe that if you are going to invest hours in creating a hand made garment that the raw materials should be good. I have rarely found cheap wool that produces a good quality lasting garment.

The first yarn I bought for a cardigan over a year ago was £1 a ball. It was a King Cole yarn and was cheap because it was discontinued. It felt horrible to handle and the dye came out of it while I was working with it and dyed my beautiful Brittany straight needles. They now have a pink hue to them.

In the end my Mum completed this project for me as neither of us could bear to see it go to waste. But the result wasn’t good, even for someone as talented as my Mum. Could you imagine the heartache of a new knitter who finishes their first project and finds that it is ill fitting and ugly? So disheartening!

Don’t misunderstand me. I love a bargain but there is a difference between getting good yarn cheaply and buying cheap yarn. So I am not abstaining from buying reduced priced “quality yarn” – that would be shocking! 😮



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  1. Aww what a shame, the yarn is a lovely colour, shame it isn’t that great. I hope you find something suitable to knit with it.

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