I love a giveaway!

It seems that I have won a prize! 🙂

The lovely Martine from the Imake podcast sent me an email at the weekend to say that I had won a prize. I almost deleted the message automatically thinking it was a scam but then remembered I had actually taken part in the March Giveaway for a copy of Toft Alpaca Shop’s Pattern Book.

25 Unique Knitting & Crocheting Patterns

The Toft Alpaca Shop

This pleases me on two counts.

1. It is lovely to actually win something!

2. But secondly because I have covetd this book for ages. When I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate last year I loved the Toft Alpaca Shops stall but really struggled to get close enough to buy anything as it was very popular with ladies with sharp elbows. However I wanted to get my hands on the pattern to knit the large bulb bag

source: The Toft Alpaca Shop

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to beat the scrum, but I did manage to buy one of the buttons for the bag. The buttons are hand turned from reclaimed wood and are very cute.

Source: The Toft Alpaca Shop

So now I might finally get to have a go at the pattern and use the button! I am a little excited at the prospect.

So Thank you Martine and The Toft Alpaca Shop for sponsoring the podcast!

If you haven’t yet listened to the I-Make podcast then I highly recommend it.  As well as a regular podcast Martine also has a lovely blog where she generously shares all things crafty and techy. She is both interesting and engaging and I cannot recommend her highly enough.



  1. Aww that’s so nice! Thanks! And well done – please let me know when you’ve received the book 🙂 I was very grateful to Toft for sponsoring the giveaway, it was very generous of them.


  2. Well done you!! I picked up a copy of the book from Harrogate……gorgeous!

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