Finishing Friday #8

This might be my last finishing Friday for a while, because after this one all my WIPs are now large ones!

I have finished the “Ginger Socks”. (Pictures will follow when the sun returns.) The pattern in “On-hold” socks by Wendy D Johnson and the yarn was from “The Yarn Yard”.

It was a pretty quick knit and I have had lots of opportunity to plough through it this week.

Monday night I went along with a friend to a Knitnight at the Vintage Cafe in Hull. The cafe is really nice and my friend was gobsmacked to discover they had an extensive gluten-free menu. The event is supposed to be organised by a lady who runs the local wool shop but actually she interacts very little with the people there and the cafe owner is the one who deserves the mention in my opinion! So this coupled with a train journey and a friends leaving drinks on Tuesday, I was able to turn the heel and do three repeats of the pattern plus the ribbing to complete the leg.

These are being gifted to a friend who is currently recovering from surgery and has complained of feeling the cold in her extremities! They will make lovely socks for wearing around the house.  She has also recently lost her sister to cancer and it was her birthday yesterday. In their honour we planted a remembrance Rhubarb patch on the allotment. Rhubarb is relevant for a number of reasons. They hail from West Yorkshire, home of the famous Rhubarb Triangle, it’s a favourite of the lady in question and “Roo” is a nickname of a family member.

I am planning a fusion of rhubarb and ginger for jam making season. I am sure I have seen a recipe for a conserve along these lines somewhere. Answers on a postcard please.

Anyway it is Easter weekend so we have a quiet weekend planned, visiting family and eating chocolate eggs.  Whatever your plans Happy Holidays. 😀


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