Finishing Friday #9

Despite thinking I wouldn’t have anything finished for a while I appear to have been very productive of late, I am pleased to report.

I can talk about this one now as I have given it to the intended recipient and no longer need to keep it secret.

This is another version of the “Filip” tank top in Milla Mia. I have so much yarn left as the pattern calls for so many colours that I was able to knit this in a first size. This time I slightly adapted the pattern so I could knit it “in the round” hence reducing the amount of purl rows dramatically. I zipped through it this time, starting on Thursday evening and finishing by the following Sunday. I even blocked it and dried it in that time!

I love this colorwork lark! I now have plans to adapt a beret pattern to knit a colorwork beret similar to the one that would have been sported by Bobbie in the Railway Children. (My daughter and I love the film!) This hat will be for my daughter, as I think it’s not really a look that I could carry off!

I also promised to post a picture of the “On hold” socks. It still isn’t a very good one because despite it being April here in the Northern Hemisphere we are still suffering from dank, dark weather.

I have also finished a sock in Regia Sock Yarn, which I bought from Kemps in their sale. It is one of the bargain balls that everyone on Ravelry is knitting but this yarn was even cheaper than the college series yarn and I thought it would be awful to knit with but it’s not. So I am whipping up a pair of socks for my daughter, who constatntly complains that everyone else gets knitted gifts! I refuse to spend £10 or £15 on yarn for socks for her, so this was a great solution. I hope to get the second sock done next weekend when I am away to Wales for the weekend with my girlfriends.

I have used my favourite “go to” toe-up sock pattern, which is called “An Easier Heel” by Helena Bristow. The heel is very neat as you can see. This pattern represents the best $2 I have ever spent!


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