Allotment love

I have not blogged for ages! I don’t know why other than I might have been a bit busy.

Today has been a busy one in our household. It hasn’t rained in our lovely part of East Yorkshire – for a change! So we have been able to keep to our plans for the allotment. This weekend has been shed erecting!  Luckily I didn’t have to do it myself. That’s what we have men for isn’t it?

My man and I laid the base yesterday using paving stones which I bought really cheaply locally. I also used a weed membrane under the pavers to prevent any sneeky greenery appearing where they shouldn’t.

Today he has worked his socks off erecting the actual building. I will point out that this building is the cheapest shiplap shed you have ever seen! But it is an allotment! I will be staining it too so it won’t stay the bright yellow……… hopefully!

Shed complete with window box. A real live Wendy House!

While the man of the house built my “Wendy House” I had the help of a lovely friend, who also brought over her petrol lawn mower and sorted out the grass paths. It’s amazing what a difference short grass makes!

Before – looked a bit like a graveyard!


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  1. Congrats on the shed! Looks lovely!
    Happy gardening, Janet

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