Catch up

It’s been a month since my last post! Wow what a busy month it has been, although being busy isn’t the reason for the lack of posts.

I feel that I need to defend myself on the writing front. It is more a matter of technology than time. My OH did an amazing thing at Christmas and bought me an iPad. Wow! I was blown away at his generosity as this is a major purchase in my eyes. He did it because he wanted to make up for the loss of my beloved HP laptop earlier in the year. I do love it and find it really useful. I love that I can access knitting patterns,  listen to audiobooks, access the internet almost anywhere and other functions that I have not even begun to explore. However, I don’t love using it to blog using WordPress. I find it hard work and am sick of the number of times I have lost posts before getting chance to save them. So the result is that I only blog when I get chance to borrow my OH’s laptop, which at the moment isn’t often! I am trying to improve the situation and would be interested to hear how others manage.

Meantime I have been very busy on the allotment in the last month. I have to say I am pleased with progress but am nowhere near caught up with all the jobs that need doing!

The weather here has been awful, so everything is behind. We have had a burst of good weather over the past few weeks, which will probably represent the only Summer we get this year!

The shed is proving useful, although still needs staining and the guttering needs to be attached, as I am in fear of the threat of drought and am putting many strategies in place to reduce the impact on production. Rain butts galore me thinks!

The greenhouse is paying it’s way too. Currently bursting with seedlings and tomato plants. All the beds are finally filling up. I have just one empty bed at the moment but it is prepared and ready for the barrasicas that I am growing from seed.

My biggest problem is tackling the grass at the moment. I have bought a secondhand petrol mower, which will be kept at home, but am hoping will solve the problem of “jungle grass”.

The strawberry beds are doing well and are benefitting from the “borrowed” fruit cage. The cage was planned for the soft fruit area but as I was so late getting started I missed the window to plant summer fruiting raspberries, so havent needed the services of the fruit cage as yet hence it’s temporary home guarding the strawberies.

The pak choi bolted. It looks really pretty but tastes bitter. Pak choi has been the first casualty of the confusing weather.

The space it freed up in the bed has been replaced by more leeks, so its loss was no hardship.

We had of first harvest yesterday………small but beautiful. The smails obviously think so or at least I assume that’s what has been feasting on the leaves!



  1. Phillip

    Hi Sis!
    Hope you don’t mind me stalking you like this, but I am genuinely interested in what you do in the garden and I do admire good bloggers in general.

    I just had a thought about your grass problem. I presume you’re talking about the paths between the beds? What if you (!) were to dig them over and use wood/bark chips to stop them coming back. We use bark chips in the beds and they work wonders! They do have to be quite deep (3 inches) though to really work. Just a thought…

    • Haha of course I don’t mind you reading my blog. It is a good way of keeping you informed as you aren’t around the corner. In a way I only write it so I can keep distant friends up to date (in case they should be interested!)

      I thought of you yesterday when I was raiding a skip for cardboard and told E you would have been so proud! Lol x

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