Allotment Love – part deux

I was looking through some snaps on my iPhone.( I call them snaps because they are not great quality and I blame the camera and the user equally for that!)

It occurred to me that it could be very easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in this allotment lark. I have had mine since the beginning of April and am still nowhere near completing the list of ‘set-up jobs’ I have in my head. Working full-time and the random British weather has meant that my ‘to do’ list grows faster than it can be ticked off. Dealing with living organisms compounds the problem as they don’t wait for you to catch up and before you know it your tomatoes have turned into triffids and taken over the glass house because you didn’t have time to ‘nip out the side shoots’  but that is another story.

So just to prove I have made a little progress.

The inherited “raised beds” which did not have wooden edgings, were made into these. But now look like this

This was what I had.

Before any TLC


Beginning to take shape……..

Turning Green

The thing I am most impressed with is my greenhouse. Bought for £60 from a bloke at work (Thanks C for spotting it and helping with erection.) it has brought me hours of satisfaction and I haven’t produced anything yet!

I didn’t get many photos of the greenhouse while we were putting it up as I was a bit busy! But you can read all about it here.

However, it is now looking less barren!

My fruit cage was purchased with dreams of summer fruiting raspberries, however the British weather has conspired against me and I never managed to get any in. We are using it temporarily to protect the strawberries although being of such a flimsy construction it hasn’t fared well in the windy conditions.

Fruit cage or pile of canes?

However it is looking better now and even promises some fruit………if we get any sun to ripen them!

So in short, there has been some progress but not as much as I would have liked. The weather and a job have conspired to prevent me from becoming a total obsessive, but maybe that’s no bad thing!


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