Watch me grow!

My Rainforest Canopy shawl is blocked! I so pleased to say that I love it!

When I cast it off I was so disappointed as it was tiny. No bigger than a headscarf that my Nana would have worn over her freshly permed hair. What I failed to remember was that Malabrigo sock is 25% nylon and has a really useful stretch, so needed blocking hard. Knitting anything in lace needs blocking anyway, in order to stretch out the pattern.

Before Blocking

The pattern for this is “Forest Canopy” by Susan Lawrence. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in “Lettuce”. I have called it “Rainforest Canopy” as I added some beads to the finished edge to represent drops of water, although they have not shown up as effectively as I would have liked. I do like the way the pattern forms leaves though.

I am new to blocking and frankly a bit of an amateur. I do need to attend a  class on professional finishing and must pursue that this year! I will need to redo this one as I didn’t manage to make the points on the edge prominent, but practice will make perfect I guess!

I used my new Inspinity Blocking wires to do this shawl. Another first for me. I first heard about them through “The Knit girllls” video cast. (I love these video casts and if you haven’t already you should really check them out. Laura and Lesley have a relaxed style but are both very talented knitters/spinners/sewists!) They reviewed the blocking wires by blocking a shawl on Lesley’s carpet.

Anyway I love the finished result, but it isn’t perfect and I can see where I made a mistake and tried to carry on. The irony is that I had a “life line” in the shawl and had removed it with a view to moving it further on and then decided to do “just one row” without it and that row appears to make been the fateful one! The life lesson here is NEVER remove a lifeline until you have put the new one in! (For help and advice on Lifelines try Knitting Daily.) The point is I can see the mistake so I am now hesitant to enter this in the show, as planned.

“Lettuce” in the lettuce!


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