Something is growing and Beehaving badly!

Lousy weather in the UK continues to hamper my plans for allotment domination, however there is something growing and growing fast. Unfortunately that thing is GRASS!

I have had to take action and managed to source a second-hand petrol lawnmower, which I finally managed to collect this week. I don’t remember what make it is, but it is a beast and I am told it is brilliant for horticultural use.

I managed to have a quick whizz round with it on Thursday night. Between rainstorms of course!

The grass had gotten so long that I did churn it up a bit, but it will recover especially as we are expecting yet more rain this week! Keeping the grass paths trimmed will help me to work out what is weed and what is vegetable!

Thanks to a friend who sent me the link from the National Biodiversity Network, I have downloaded a new app for my Iphone. It is called Pooter  and is a fun bee spotting game, which also links to a database aimed at helping the bee population, which have been in sharp decline for decades. Because of this app I was spotted this afternoon crouching behind a bush in Tesco car park trying to photograph a tree bee.

This is a tree bee – honest!

I was wearing my gardening gear and hadn’t brushed my hair so the person who saw me could be forgiven for thinking I had lost the plot!


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