Potteric Carr

The Summer Holidays is upon us and although we are totally happy to stay home and relax, there is always a pressure to “do things” with the kids!

As we were “passing through” we stopped for a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Potteric Carr Nature Reserve. As it is right next to the M18 it actually makes a useful place for a travel break, so much nicer than a service station especially with young children.

Despite being in the shadow of a busy motorway, peace and quiet resides.

Sixty percent of the area has been deemed a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The principal habitats comprise areas of open water, Phragmites reed fen and swamp, slow flowing drains and ditches, wader scrapes, neutral grassland, willow and alder carr wet woodland, birch Betula woodland, and a stand of mature oaks Quercus planted in 1834.

One of 21 species of Dragonfly found at Potteric Carr

Gatekeeper Butterfly (Pyronia tithonus)

Potteric Carr is just one of many Nature Reserves across Yorkshire. The beauty of this visit was that as a member of YWT entry is free. The team at Potteric Carr, as with many other YWT sites, have organised a range of activities for kids throughout the holidays. At £39 per year family membership is great value and offers access to all the YWT sites and their associated activities.


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