About Me……

This blog is for my own entertainment and to share little bits of my life that make me happy. I am a busy, working Mum to one, who loves her lot in life and is fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of England. I hanker after the simple life and try to make the effort to live as sustainably as possible. I am passionate about local food and about supporting local business where ever possible.

I learned the basics of knitting as a small child from my Mum, but after attempting a very large and boring stocking stitch jumper I couldn’t quite see the thrill. Following an operation in October 2010 I rediscovered the love for knitting while convalescing in a cottage in Wales. The scarf I knitted for my lovely other half (OH) will be kept to remind me just how bad I was at it! Since then I have been hooked and despite my long-suffering OH’s reservations I continue to border on obsessive when it comes to wool.

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.



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