Knitting News

Have I mentioned that I am struggling to keep up with my blog? Once or twice – oh ok!

So I have not mentioned one or two exciting bits of news that I should share.

Firstly I am a winner again! Stephcuddles makes lovely stitchmarkers Stitchcuddles and has an Etsy Shop which I may have mentioned before. She ran a giveaway to celebrate her graduation and I entered very last-minute and was the lucky winner!

The Prize was a ball of CrazyZauberball from The Sock Yarn shop, 2 sets of Stitchcuddles and a pattern of my choice. Originally I chose my zauberball in “my sweetside”, but changed my mind and went for “Floral Language”

Stephcuddles Giveaway Prizes

Her stitchmakers are lovely and quirky and there is lots of choice of sweeties, biscuits and buns! They are really high quality and very realistic. I have bought from her before and love her Loveheart stitchmakers too.

The pattern I chose is one that I have been coveting for some time, but, because, I am not confident of my ability to knit lace, I couldn’t justify the cost.(Not that it was that expensive really.)

But as a gift……….

fiori di sole by Romi Hill

This is Fiore di Sole by Rosemary (Romni) Hill and I love it.

So thank you to Steph for generously organising this blog giveaway. It cheered me up no end!

The other thing that has cheered me up recently is the arrival of my new Namaste Bag. This is the Hermosa and it is enormous!

Namaste Inc bags are available in the UK. I have dreams of owning a Monroe that I have seen at Littlehoundales Knits.

However, I bought this from Personal Threads  Yarn Shop in Nebraska in January when it was on sale. (It isn’t available in the UK and is a bit pricey to ship from the US). actually I should point out that the red one wasn’t on sale but they ordered on in and applied the sale price – these are nice people folks! My uncle brought it over for me in July while he  visiting the UK. So not only did I get it on sale, for the dollar price but also saved myself the postage. And it’s here in time to be my key winter wardrobe piece!

The other piece of exciting news is that I am going to meet one of my knitting heroes! Wooly Wormhead is coming to East Yorkshire and will be running a Masterclass at my LYS. LittlehoundalesKnits. I am so excited! I was prepared to travel to meet her but the fact that she will be spending time in our little corner of paradise is even better!


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  1. I love the shawl pattern….well done on winning it! It may be a leap from Ishbel but now I’ve done Ishbel twice I consider myself a shawl expert 😉

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